Friday, April 17, 2009

The Fountains Are On!

It finally feels like we may actually be getting closer to spring! It's sunny outside, the weather is warm, and most importantly the fountains have been turned on. It may just be me, but it made me so happy when I walked out of class yesterday to see the fountains on!

Every time there has been a warm day the last few weeks, my friends and I would discuss when we thought the fountains would be turned on again. I felt even though I know spring is coming soon, it never really seemed like it was ever going to get here because the fountains weren't on.

Now when I walk by a fountain I see people sitting all around it studying and talking. Some people seem to just enjoy laying by the fountain and soaking up some sun. I've even seen a few kids playing tag around the fountain. Just seeing everyone else enjoy being outside puts me in a better mood.

I never noticed how much I actually enjoyed the fountains until they were shut off for the winter. Having them on again reminds me there are only 3 weeks left until summer break. This means I only have a few weeks to get another fountain run in before I leave campus!


  1. I was excited too when I saw the fountains on. I think everyone was. I actually had a friend text me yesterday morning to tell me how excited she was. It's just so nice to have the warm weather back and not have to bundle up to go outside. A friend and I even ventured down to Chauncey last night for dinner since it was so nice out. It makes me happy to see all the people lying outside in the grass and doing their homework or just spending time with some friends. It's a great reminder that summer is just around the corner. I can't wait!

  2. I concur! I love the fountains and was so excited when I saw they were on. In the fall semester, I would sit by them for a couple hours working on my homework. It is just so peaceful and I like watching the water. The water just goes in the same direction, but it can be mesmorizing. The warm weather helps people become happier, I think. Normally, when people are just walking around, they look upset, but since it's getting nicer, people are lingering outside. Thanks for the post. It's easy to not sit and be happy about the new weather. But, you've reminded me not to take it for grantedl.

  3. I definitely get in that rut of winter, waiting for spring to finally arrive. This year seemed much more difficult than years past. Possibly it was due to the fact that now I spend considerably more time outside because of classes than previous years, but it was gloomy and sad. Today, I felt, was one of the greatest days in a while. I woke up this morning and wore a dress and a smile all around campus, including by those wonderful fountains!

  4. Yes, I loved it too! Finally a sign of better weather and more fun. I am not that big of a winter person and do not particularly enjoy the cold weather. Seeing the fountains on today kind of brightened up my day. At last, it seems like spring is hear. Horray to warm weather and being able to study outside. It is just not very motivating when it is dreary, and gray sky outside. I am looking forward to better weather and a better rest of the semester