Friday, February 20, 2009


In my previous blog I talked about getting my first puppy. While I think it is a good story, I wasn’t able to give any of the details of my dog’s unique personality. My first dog was different from any other dog I’d ever seen. He was different in the way he looked and the way he acted.

One of the hardest things for me was naming my puppy. I could come up with plenty of names, but none of them every really seemed to fit him. Once my dog got a little older he sort of “grew into” a different name. I think his original name was Comet, and I think I only named him that because that was the name of the dog on the T.V. show Full House. So I called my dog Comet for maybe a month, but once he got a little older, I started calling him Chewie.

One reason I felt that name fit my dog was because of the way he looked. My dog looked exactly like Chewbacca. Now this may not mean anything to you if you haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies, but if you have seen them, you know that Chewie is Chewbacca’s nickname. Most people actually thought my dog was really ugly (including my dad, sister, and brother), but I could never understand what they were talking about. I thought he looked awesome.

Another reason Chewie was a good name for my dog was because he had the same loyal personality as Chewbacca. The only two people my dog really liked was me and my mom. He tolerated my dad, sister, and brother, but he never seemed to really like them. I think it was because they made fun of him and he could sense it. My dog was big and he looked mean, so he intimidated a lot of people. He could usually sense if someone was afraid of him, and if they were he would take full advantage of it.

When certain people would come to our house, my dog would sit right outside their car door and growl at them. For some reason once my dog decided he didn’t like someone, he’d never let that person out of his or her car. This was very useful because most of the time he would scare sales people enough that they would just leave. Unfortunately, he didn’t like a few of my dad’s friends and the meter reader.

It was a little odd that my dog could be so mean to other people and yet so gentle towards me. He never once growled at me, and he never failed to be at my side. Unfortunately, Chewie isn’t around today. While I’ve loved all the dogs I’ve had since then, Chewie will always be a little more special to me because he was my first dog.

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  1. I agree with you, when you are younger you can make up really dumb names for animals. Then after you spend more time with them you realize the name you gave them is not what it should be. Eventually you figure out a good name for the animal and it sticks.

    I had this same trouble for the longest time when my family just got a new dog. We finally settled on the name Gunner and it has stuck ever since.