Friday, February 20, 2009

Love at First Sight

At a very early age I discovered my love for dogs. Luckily I grew up on a farm, so my parents could never use the excuse we don’t have room for one or it will have to be caged up all day. We had plenty of room and no need to own cage or a chain for that matter.

I always loved all our dogs, but once my sister got her own dog for her birthday, I wanted my own dog too. My parents were strict about getting an animal and taking care of it. No matter how many times I told them I would take care of my dog, they were afraid I would quickly lose interest leaving them to feed and water it. I on the other hand, knew that would definitely not happen.

My persistence and pleading didn’t work for quite some time. For my eighth birthday, I decided a puppy was the only thing I would ask for. I repeatedly told my parents that it was really the only thing I wanted. As my birthday approached, I started getting nervous. I had no idea if all my begging had worked or not.

My birthday was on a weekday, so I had to go to school. Before I left for school I made a deal with my mom. The deal was that if she got me a puppy, she would pick me up from school, and if she didn’t then I would ride the bus home. Looking back I honestly have no idea why I asked her to do that because I still had to wait until the end of the day to find out if she got me a puppy. Anyways, all day at school all I could think about was whether or not she was going to be waiting on me when the bell rang to release us.

Finally the bell rang and the day was over. I walked down the hall and at first there was no sign of my mom. When I turned the corner, I saw her waiting for me. I ran up and asked her if she got it about a thousand times, and all she would say to me is that I’d have to wait. So we walked out to the car. When I opened the door, my new puppy jumped into my arms.

I was so excited. I know a lot of people usually get to pick their first dog, but my mom picked my dog from a litter of puppies from the pound. The funny part is that my puppy had growled at her the entire ride home. She said that she was really worried she had picked the wrong dog for me, but when she saw how excited the puppy was to meet me, she knew everything would work out. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. If you’ve ever had a dog, I’m sure you know the feeling.

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